Centauri Honey is Official Sponsor of "Natural Drug Discovery Current Approach and Future Perspectives Confarance " held in Antalya organized by Phytochemical Society of Europe.
The Phytochemical Society of Europe exists to serve all those with an interest in the chemistry and biochemistry of plants and in the applications of such knowledge in industry and agriculture.
The conference’s main objective is to bring natural product and food scientists together to share the most recent research findings, concepts, and experiences.



Centauri Honey is Official Sponsor of Apimondia Congress Santiago, Chile . A non-governmental organisation that brings together beekeepers and a wide variety of İnternational scientists involved in apiculture, apitherapy, pollination, development and economics.

Centauri Honey  is Corporate Supporter of   ‘Doctors Without Borders’  committed to bringing quality medical care to people caught in crisis, regardless of race, religion or political affiliation &  operates independently. 


Centauri Honey is official sponsor of III Bio. Natural Bioactive Natural Products Research Meeting, forum for international  researchers that are developing projects exploring the multiple applications offered by natural products. These compounds are being screened as new ‘drug lead’ on drug discovery or being modified by rational drug design and semi-synthesis, to offer innovative therapeutic alternatives for the treatment of cancer, infectious diseases, or other health problems.

Centauri Honey is Official Food  Sponsor of  AAWF (  Alpha Animal Welfare Fund ) , animal rehabilitation center in the Russian Urals city of Yekaterinburg  treating  and rescuing injured , orphaned  animals   as a result of human activity ,  aiming to contibute preservation of wildlife and natural habitats of wild animals.


Centauri Honey is Official Sponsor of Honeybee Research Center for the Black Jar International Honey contest. The Center for Honeybee Research is a charitable educational, research organization founded in 2011 to collect objective data in an open-sourced, non-proprietary platform for the benefit of researchers, beekeepers, and policy makers — to ensure the survival of the honeybee