Centauri Cave Plus +

Exclusively produced only for the ordering consumer's personal use.
Helps to improve  Human Health and promotes Quality Life. It's  boosted  Phenolic Compounds  works as an Effective Natural Medicine. 
Centauri Cave Plus + content in flavonoids and phenolic acids plays a key role on human health, thanks to the high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that they exert.
Intensely high in Kaempferol , Quercetin , Ascorbic acid , Apigenin , 3'O-Methyl quercetin, Chrysin , Acacetin , (+) trans taxifolin , Caffeic acid , Rosmarinic acid ,p- Coumaric acid ,Quercitrin, Naringenin + valuable minerals drawn from the surrounding cave rocks enchanged by the aging process.

Centauri Cave Plus + is the only custom - made  honey in the world , the paper documents describing production details are kept in a  highsecure bank vault  as  a guarded secret.
Further studies will be conducted to assess the Antimicrobial, Anti cancer effects to scientifically validate the medicinal properties by CBIOS - Center Research for Biosciences & Health Technologies, Universidade Lusofona, Lisbon, Portugal.