Centauri Cave Plus +

Exclusively produced only for the ordering consumer's personal use with waiting time 6  to 10 months .
Helps to improve  Human Health and promotes  Quality Life. It's  boosted  Phenolic Compounds  works as an Effective Natural Medicine. 
Centauri Cave Plus + content in flavonoids and phenolic acids plays a key role on human health, thanks to the high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that they exert.
Intensely high in Kaempferol , Quercetin , Ascorbic acid , Apigenin , 3'O-Methyl quercetin, Chrysin , Acacetin , (+) trans taxifolin , Caffeic acid , Rosmarinic acid ,p- Coumaric acid ,Quercitrin, Naringenin + valuable minerals drawn from the surrounding cave rocks enchanged by the aging process.

Centauri Cave Plus +  is the only custom - made  honey in the world  , the paper documents describing production details are kept in a  highsecure bank vault  as  a guarded secret.
Further studies will be conducted to assess the Antimicrobial, Anti cancer effects to scientifically validate the medicinal properties by CBIOS - Center Research for Biosciences & Health Technologies, Universidade Lusofona , Lisbon , Portugal in 2023/2024.